Coat Drive

Coat RefA friend called and said that they needed men's winter clothing, and did I have any to donate...

So, to embrace the Holiday spirit, Atlanta Field Day is doing a winter clothing and blanket drive. Donations will be equally divided between Atlanta's Shepherds Inn and Lost N Found.

If you make a donation, you will get a free ticket to The Center for Puppetry Arts Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer on December 15th at 3 PM.

For one ticket, donate one of the following:

  • Two Blankets
  • Two Jackets
  • 4 Sweaters/Sweatshirts
  • $20.00

Atlanta Field Day has already purchased the tickets which are limited, so please let me know if you will be making a donation and how many tickets you want!

To benefit:

Lost N found                Atlanta Mission
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You can drop of your donations:


How do I make a clothing donation?
Well, you can start your own Coat Drive, and I can swing by and pick them up. You can come to one the sponsored events like Sunday Funday. You can make a reservation and tell me what you are going to bring, and bring them to the show, where we will be accepting donations...I'm kinda just trying to make this work! So, let me know what works best for you!
How do I make a $ donation?
Make a cash donation at Sunday Funday, or bring $ with you to the Show. Make sure to make a reservation. Checks can be made out to Atlanta Field Day. You can send checks to 2525 Flair Knoll Drive, Atlanta, GA 30345.
Is my donation tax deducible?
Yes. Atlanta Field Day is a 501c3. You will get a recpeit for your clothing donation or for a $ donation
How do I get my tickets?
I can have them for you the day of the show, or if you drop off your donation at an event or my house, I will give them to you then!
Where does the $ go?
The money is used to pay for the tickets for the show, and then after that... all proceeds will go to buy more clothing and blankets for donation.
Why these organizations?
I got a call from a friend who works at the Atlanta Mission who said they were in desperate need of Men's Winter Clothing. So, I just put this together. I saw that Lost N Found was opening a consignment store. These clothes, however, are not for resale...they will go to those in need.
More questions?
Email Davis Kirby or call at: (404) 791-5189

AFD has already purchased the tickets, so to reserve:

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December 15th at 3 PM
Center for Puppetry Arts

Tickets Left:

Drop off your Donations:
Sunday, Dec 1st at 4:30 PM